About us

Real Estate Agency Il Faro born from a project of Emilio Burranca in 1986, when spending the holidays in the archipelago of La Maddalena meant moving to the homonymous island from June to September.
This project is constantly renewed over time - embarking on a new path - a new vision.
Initially Emilio dedicated himself to real estate sales while Cristina, Daniela and Francesca Burranca coordinated the activity of property manager to manage 100% of the properties available for short rentals.
In the early 90s we inaugurated the headquarters in Palau operating until '95, when Daniela moved to Rome, opened and started a travel agency and collaborated with the agency Il Faro to organize summer holidays in La Maddalena.

From '99 Maria Antonietta and after, following each other, Gabriella, Maddalena, Francesca, Ilaria, Carla and, from 2019 onwards Tiziana, share the focus of the agency Il Faro: Support and enhance the tourist flow to the island and the archipelago of La Maddalena by providing tourists with a fixed point, a reference and a guide to find the new house to buy or rent.
Hence the choice of the name "Il Faro", a symbol that evokes stability and safety in the waves of the nights. As defined by George Bernard Shaw the Lighthouse is an "altruistic"; building made to serve and help others.
In 2006 we inaugurated the second office in La Maddalena, at Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 74, active until 2017, when Emilio proposed to Cristina and Francesca to take over the agency and carry out the "Il Faro" project in the pillar headquarters: via Principe Amedeo 31.

In 2019 Tiziana immediately enters into symbiosis with the goal of the agency Il Faro and alternates her stay in the USA with the collaboration with Cristina and Francesca:

The home is the place of safety, relaxation, growth and formation of the family:"We can all perceive the house in La Maddalena as a home only for holidays or as our refuge" (Tiziana collaborator)
The house is the right dress to spend short or long periods in La Maddalena in the house owned or rented, with the emotion of time fully lived and savored.
"The basic elements of the agency Il Faro are the sale and rental of real estate. They are the clothes that we sew for customers and we take care of them 100% until the satisfaction that wearing them will give"(Cristina partner).


From 2020, La Maddalena is perceived with a new vision, a new idea of living the island and spending the days with a new focus:

Work until 4:00 PM (smart working) and then regenerate energy for future performances by dedicating free time to naturalistic experiences in the wonderful archipelago of La Maddalena - swimming at sunset, equestrian walk in the Caprera Nature Reserve Area, coastal sailing, aperitif on the beach. There are many unique and exclusive experiences that after a day's work smell even more of life, joy and relaxation: the beauties of the archipelago National Park of La Maddalena know how to amaze us; whenever. In 2021 Cristina and Francesca decide to renew the project of the real estate agency Il Faro dedicating themselves mainly to real estate sales:
"When you make a project, nothing can give you more satisfaction than a happy customer. We have supported our father in the mediation activity motivated by the pleasure of living and working in La Maddalena all year round, with a new vision of hospitality aimed at sharing spaces perceived without borders. As in a large resort on the sea - where the single corner of the archipelago, crystal clear waters and the planning and organization of the free time of the  "customers in the first guests and then friends" make the difference: Even today we are linked by strong friendships born and then grown over time with customers - friends to whom we have sewn on the holiday centering the focus of taylor made ... Feel like friends rather than guests. Thank you for your trust and support over all these years (Cristina and Francesca)"