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La Maddalena


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La Maddalena Archipelago

At the center of the homonymous Archipelago, surrounded by the beautiful islands of Caprera, Budelli (with the well-known Pink Beach), Spargi, Santa Maria and many others, is the island of La Maddalena. La Maddalena is a lively tourist center surrounded by a clear sea with a myriad of beaches and coves with wonderful backdrops. It is renowned all over the world for its beaches and for the clarity and transparency of its waters reminiscent of the Caribbean ones. The beauty, tranquility of life and privacy of the places that characterize this island are essential ingredients
to spend a wonderful holiday with the family.

How to reach

located in the north east of Sardinia, on the border with Corsica, the island of La Maddalena is easily accessible from the tourist port of Palau. The ferry crossing takes about 15 minutes, the frequency of the races is every quarter of an hour during the day and every hour during the night. The island of La Maddalena and the island of Caprera are connected by a bridge - all other islands can only be reached by sea.

11226 population

The village of La Maddalena, located on the southern side of the homonymous island, is the only "inhabited corner" of the archipelago in addition to the small village of Stagnali in Caprera and some villas located on the island of Santa Maria.


Beauty and peace of mind

Renowned tourist resort, the archipelago of La Maddalena has many beaches in its territory, such as the famous Spiaggia Rosa, a beach with maximum environmental protection located on the island of Budelli; famous island for being the set of the movie The Red Desert by Michelangelo Antonioni.


52 km² of surface

La Maddalena and the entire archipelago since 1994 are included within the National Park of the Archipelago of La Maddalena - the first National Park of Sardinia - unique in Italy to be established on the territory of a single municipality - marine and terrestrial protected area of national and community interest.


7 Main islands

The Archipelago consists of: Maddalena (20.1 km²), Caprera (15.7 km²), Santo Stefano (3 km²), Spargi (4.20 km²), Budelli (1.60 km²), Santa Maria (2 km²), Razzoli (1.5 km²); and other small islands and islets that characterize the uniqueness and beauty of this territory.



The activities to be carried out in the Archipelago are numerous thanks to the presence of tennis courts, water ski school, sailing center, riding center, diving, soccer fields, motorbike, quod and bike rentals. For trekking lovers, in Caprera, throughout the year it is possible to take advantage of the trail network restored by the Park Authority, the signs are recognizable because they are standardized with that proposed by the C.A.I., present throughout the national territory. The seas of the Archipelago are the kingdom of sailing and windsurfing thanks to the wind that beats on the islands. Large stretches of sea are real "gyms" for experienced sailors and beginners. For divers who wish to explore the depths of the Park we offer the possibility of organizing guided dives, even at night, with equipment provided by the various Diving Centers authorized by the Park Authority on the island of La Maddalena.
To deepen the work on the actor "The actor's suitcase" the Quasar Association dedicates, since 2003, this event to Gian Maria Volonté, a special figure in the history of cinema and honorary citizen of the Municipality of La Maddalena.
For the free time to devote to history, the archipelago is known for being the last home of the Hero of Two Worlds Giuseppe Garibaldi who built on the island of Caprera the so-called "White House" his home for almost 30 years; until his death. The Compendium House Museum (open to the public) houses the tomb where the Hero rests.
Second fundamental step the Memorial - - multimedia museum dedicated to him - inaugurated in 2011 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy located at Forte Arbuticci. The Diocesan Museum bears the testimony of Admiral Nelsondi who stayed for several years on the island of La Maddalena.
The forts San Vittorio and Sant'Andrea lead, instead, to the Napoleonic defeat, when the then Lieutenant Napoleon Bonaparte tried to conquer and annex the archipelago of La Maddalena to Corsica (France) - without success - thanks to the intervention of a small commando of the Royal Sardinian Navy, commanded by Domenico Millelire, heroic helmsman of the Royal Sardinian Navy who was awarded the gold medal with the following motivation: "For having taken back the enemy the island of Santo Stefano and for the valiant defense of the island of La Maddalena against the attacks of the naval team of the Republic French".
Last but not least, a look at the geological past and the island's traditions within the CEA museums (environmental education center) of the Park: Geomineralogical Naturalistic Museum and the Museum of the sea and maritime traditions in the village of Stagnali in Caprera.

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