Choose carefully the agency to which to entrust the task of selling your property. Choose to reduce indecision and we - Cristina - Francesca and Tiziana - take action.

In the toolbox we have the tools to deal with the doubts that may arise before putting your property up for sale. We have more resources.




Choose those who have already invested time to build inside the "customer database" a big portfolio of "potential buyers" and can find the one in a short time.
Choose those who keep up with changes and constantly reinvent themselves, investing in personal attitudinal, empathic and communicative skills (soft skills), which characterize the way we work and relate:
- problem solving = zero stress for you;
- time management = time optimization;
- negotiation and resolution of conflicts = ability to find optimal compromises between the parties to achieve the shared goal: the sale.

Invest in those who train and update their professional skills (hard skills), those who scrupulously analyze and estimate their real estate portfolio, those who use real estate valuation software for the most correct evaluation of market values.

Choose those who scrupulously select acquisitions, those who offer a diversified real estate portfolio that meets the various needs of potential buyers, sew the real estate offer on the potential buyer by focusing on the taylor made focus and continuously renews the real estate offer because our focus is: sell fast.

We start by seeing the property, analyzing the cards, the context, the transactions recently concluded in the area and the market trends. We highlight the relevance between the strengths, criticality of the property and the offers of the real estate market, the competitive forces of the given moment to understand the characteristics that make your property unique on the market and have the reliable and concrete estimate of the property to sell: define the best price to sell your home based on our over thirty years of experience.

We compare your expectations - the final price - and our personalized valuation and together we evaluate the best strategy. We insert the property and check the progress of the real estate offer, to improve the sales process.



Give the task of selling to those who combine their know-how with the negotiation skills gained in hundreds of negotiations.
We have overcome the wavering trend of the market and continue to provide expert advice on how to best market and sell the property.
We have been increasing our experience in real estate since the 90s.

Evaluate who reduces the risk of selling real estate on their brokerage business. Just think: Il Faro makes my life easier - it makes the buying and selling process easier, it works best to close the deal and reduce sales times.


Describe your property to sell to precisely define its value.

When you decide to proceed with the sale you will meet our real estate expert and, during the inspection, the evaluation can be confirmed or integrated with aspects that will increase the value of the property and make the estimate even more reliable.

You will be followed by trained agents with many years of experience in the field and you will be supported by specialized technicians: surveyors, architects, notaries and trusted lawyers to provide the real estate property with all the necessary documentation for the safe sale.


Fill out our form: it's fast and intuitive.

Indicate the main characteristics of your property: geolocation, surface, floor, number of rooms, state of the property, presence of ornamental spaces (balcony, terrace, garden) and appurtenant (cellar, parking space).

We will contact you within 48 hours to reinforce the information you have provided and delve into the
characteristics that affect the value of the property.
You will receive as soon as possible, by e-mail, the Report prepared for you.